How to Choose Your Image Editing Partner

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In this day and age of commerce, all sorts of businesses require images. Surely most of them want to ensure a credible website and web presence. Stores need to showcase attractive photos of their products in action. Imagine walking into branded shoe store with no pictures on display! And of course there are e-commerce entities – these companies live off good quality images that help make consumer decisions on the other end. Photography has to be top-notch and we emphasized on the need for post production on images to bring out the best in them.

Now, who will be doing the image editing? It takes time to learn the skills and patience to deal with hundreds of raw images. It is best to outsource image editing tasks to professional agencies. You, the eCommerce owner will not have to master editing skills and focus full-time on business development, promotions and exploring networks. The key is to find the efficient and reliable image processing company so you can relax that your pictures are in good hands. What you need is a “partner” who will work alongside you and understand your requirements. Image editing of eCommerce products done by experienced and expert professionals will portray quality, specifications and will earn customer favors. Remember that looks impact purchase impulses and buyers depend on product photos only if they look authentic and offer enough information.

As you hunt for image processing firms, these are the first questions you should ask:

  • How long they are in the market?
  • Are there positive reviews available by past clients?
  • What kind of image processing do they do?
  • Do they have experience in work related to your industry? If so, are there sample photos available?
  • Are there free trial options offered by the company?
  • Whether the price will suit your budget? What are the deals for revisions – in case more corrections are needed?

It will be useful for you to determine what kind of image processing your photos need. If you’re not sure which types of photo-editing services you need to accomplish the look you want, it’s a good idea to ask and share examples with potential candidates. Not all image processing firms do everything – some handle white background services while others offer a range of services as clipping path to vector conversion.

Some firms specialize in specific industries. Others can either focus on broad e-commerce clients or more narrowed down (high end luxury watches for example). Think of clothing and electronics – these two things have separate textures – so different expertise is required to smoothen out the edges. The editor does not have to be specific to your niche, but if they have demonstrated experience and samples in your industry, then go for it! In a similar manner, consider the capacity of the company – some are equipped to handle a given number of orders. Once you scale your business, there will be need for an expanded range of images for brand promotion. It is best to ask about the project capacity of their team.

You want the best quality editing on your shots. To judge the quality of processing done by the company, look for the sample work on their website or social media channels. Ideally there should be before and after versions of the sample photos. The sample page will also inform if the firm has credible experience in your particular industry, such as dessert store for example. Great editing comes with optimal use of latest technology. Hence it is crucial your partner in editing adapts to new tools in the market. You might enquire about the software that the firm uses. Try their free trial option for sample images to test their effectiveness as editors, before going into a long term business agreement.

The partner has to understand the sharp deadlines you have – thereby quick turnaround time is what the photo processing requires. If the firm runs with a big team, chances are the turnaround time for your output will be faster. Also it is a key factor whether there is customer support from the editors round the clock – to meet your necessary corrections. Client support attitude represents the work ethics of the company – when you see that the partner cares about your every question and suggestion, you have found your company to work with for the long term. You can also try to good idea to ensure any company you’re thinking of hiring has a safe means of downloading and uploading images. You do want a company who is obliged to keep your images and critical information secure. Do you need to break your bank to hire an image editing company? Surely not! Shop around for prices and see which suits your editing budget. As for payment methods, get that information cleared right away – who wants surprises later on that delay financial transactions?

On a parallel note, let’s look at some technical requirements:
Size and zoom of eCommerce product images: Product photos need zoom feature, and hence the image editing and retouching service provider should be equipped with the knowledge of this aspect. Size specifications and especially the trademark signs can and are verified using the zoom function.

Color and shadow: The image editing service provider should be conscious of the fact that if a particular product has 4 to 5 color selections, its best to include every option though a roll or in the slide bar to allow consumers view the product from various angles.

Angled shots & background selection: Photographers love to capture images with various perspectives to it, hence allowing the same kind of opportunity to viewers on an eCommerce website. It works the best with multi-sized product images so your editor should be able to use best resources to optimise the functions for this.

But before you choose your partner be cautious on considering the above mentioned points otherwise it may decrease instead of increase your productivity and revenue margin.

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