Tips and Tricks to Target Audience for your Online Store

tips to target audience

We have all felt our hearts do a little dance when we sell to our first client. We have also felt that sense of doom when we don’t see the sales number going up. ‘How do we target new customers’ is a question that has been burning on shop owners’ minds, whether they are a month old, or few years into the business. However, before we jump straight to targeting, it is always a good idea to do some basic groundwork.

Whom You Target is as Important as How You Target

Often, shop owners waste a lot of time and money trying to appeal to too many people, with varied interests and needs. A shop that caters to everybody, in reality caters to nobody. There is a very specific kind of clientele that we should target and it is our primary job to know their needs inside out. Who are they? Where do they live? What do they do? What kind of sites do they regularly visit? What do they need? How can I give them what they need? The answers to these questions will lead us right to our ideal customer base.

Targeting Your Audience is Not a One Time Thing

Now that we have an amazing solution that is exactly what our audience needs, how do we reach them? An effective tool that has helped millions of businesses all across the globe is Social Media. Simply having a Facebook and Instagram account and regularly updating it doesn’t even scratch the surface. Businesses that do not actively target potential clients continuously are at a risk of losing their sales to those who do. So, what is the new trend people are looking at to boost sales? Paid ads on Google. You pay Google to put your webpage on top, for when someone searches the specific keywords you have bought. You are charged every time someone clicks on your ad. Instead of generic keywords such as “shoes” or “makeup”, which many people who are not your target will be searching for; try to buy long-winded or specific words such as “rubber sole shoes” for better targeting.

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Getting that Word-of-Mouth Rolling:

Influencer Marketing is not just a new buzzword – it is where the next sales lies. Think of the last time you bought something. There is an 85% chance that you saw or heard someone you know using that product and decided you wanted one for yourself. That is the essence of influencer marketing. Many businesses are under the misconception that they are too small to benefit from influencer marketing. Well, there are small influencers too, called micro influencers (with less than 50k followers), and they might be just what you need.

Taking the Time to Reach Out Goes a Long Way

Finally, a big turnoff for many customers is when they actually reach out to you but they do not receive any reply. All the unread mails and messages you left on seen could be the reason behind you not getting any new customers (as well as no repeat purchases). Because new businesses cannot afford to focus much on customer services, they often ignore it, or keep it on the bucket list for when they are larger. The mistake here is, you will grow only with word of mouth, which is best generated by prompt and sincere response. If you are at the point where you are not making much sales, an effective technique is to keep tabs of who is visiting your page and mailing them when you offer new products or discounts.

Summing it all up, how you target your customers is an ever-evolving process with multiple facets, each of which has its own ups and downs. To figure out which one or combination works for you requires effort, research and time.

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