Why Your Brand Deserves The Perfect Shots?

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Technology has revolutionized marketing and made shopping easier. Innovation lies in the e-commerce that provides freedom of choice at the touch of fingertips. Even your grocery can be ordered online. Tremendous amount of product images are being clicked, swiped, and compared by customers at any given moment, at any corner of the world. The competition is now heavier than ever, and so e-commerce retailers have to be cleverly conscious to get maximum leverage for their business. To win those customers, brands and retailers must create and present higher quality photos, faster. This too, at a much greater volume than ever before! Customers demand shots from various angles to make a purchase decision. Whether retailers are selling luxury goods, apparels, footwear, automobile spare parts, electronics devices, etc., image processing, optimization and retouching in the ecommerce site is crucial for your business success.

Is photo retouching a new concept? Nope, it has existed almost as long as photography itself. The correction would happen on the negative instead of taking place on a computer as it does now. Photographers and retouching specialists would scrape their film with knives, draw or paint on top of it, and even pile multiple negatives together to derive a single print. Now of course, magic can happen easily with Photoshop, given skillful hands and sense of aesthetics.

Experts say that quality images on your ecommerce site bring in almost 95 percent more hits, leads and mesmerize your customers. It is also believed that consumers associate a brand with a mental image, rather by the name. Additionally, research has established that most customers identify a product based on a specific and clear-cut mental image of that product, long before they imagine the product or brand name. Indeed, an image pops up in the mind of a customer at the very mention of the item. For example, fans of sports heroes will associate a health drink or sport shoes with the image of the icon. And not to forget that the sports icon should shout perfection while endorsing the product within the frames of that image. Thus, creating a distinctive image of the e-commerce item is the first step in modern marketing strategy. The main goal of product photography is strategically distinguishing and refining the mental image conceived in the mind of the customer and associating that image with the product.

It is clear that to promote or sell your product online, you need elegant and detailed photos. There are various techniques to fix individual problems within the photos – issues such as uninteresting background, lackluster picture, unappealing colors and other defects – making product image more attractive. Photo retouching tools helps in removal of major imperfections from any image, in regards to scar removal, teeth whitening, changing the color and texture. It is possible to conduct cropping, maintain aspect ratio & resizing. Proper background will improve product visibility and details – a black shirt may stand out better in a white background more than in a blue one.

By strategic manipulation of an ordinary photograph to create a visual image a marketer gets to attract and convert a site visitor, or lets say a window shopper to a confirmed customer. The tone, shade, and visual hue of a product photograph can be made compatible to the marketing theme. It is best to remove the unnecessary portions of the image or even ghost mannequin. You then get an image without the interrupted features. By careful correction, all the imperfection of the product is removed to create a perfect image that can build the first impression of the brand you are trying to market. Also, features and profile qualities that were absent in the original product photograph can be added to get a much presentable visual story.

Professional image editing and retouching service providers work to the advantage of your brand. So, you can think about investing in an expert image editing company that can work alongside your marketing staff to enhance the brand image. With enhanced and appealing digital photos – you can be guaranteed better and sophisticated image association with your brand.

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