7 Ways to Increase Your Online Sales on Christmas

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How to Increase Online sales during Christmas

Christmas bells are jingling and the air smells of sweets and of holidays. But for an e-commerce store owner, Christmas is not limited to spending more time with friends and family – It also means more sales and the opportunity to get some loyal customers on board. Unfortunately, Christmas does not automatically mean more sales. Every smart shop owner is now taking these steps to stay ahead in the coming merry time.

Dress your shop up for the occasion

In the online business industry, looks is everything. As customers cannot touch and feel the products, they rely heavily on looks. Just like people decorate their physical outlets with Christmas trees and presents to create a joyous ambience, your online store needs a Christmas theme that also goes well with your products to set the right mood for your customers. An important additional consideration is whether your website is optimized for mobile devices, because 70% of your traffic is going to be generated from mobile devices.

Jump on the Christmas Bandwagon

What the customers are looking for is what will sell the most, not just this Christmas, but every day. So before deciding on the discounts, it is a good idea to take a look at which products have the highest demands and which ones can make you a profit.

Spread the word, Increase your Sales

A good Christmas campaign is one everyone knows about. Our goal is to be omnipresent so that the customers see our offers, wherever they go. Therefore, we cannot leave any stone unturned, or specifically, any media channel unused. To make sure all our messages are relevant and bring customers to the webpage, the best idea is to generate a Christmas hype surrounding our offers, weeks or even months before Christmas. Campaigns that create most buzz are giveaway contests – which will attract lots of shares and likes or Buy One Get One Offers, which will make customers buy not only for themselves but also for family – but these work best only if offered for at least a week, so that there is enough time for the posts to get circulated enough on social media and gain traction.

Getting back Lost Sales

Remember all the customers who bought from you once but never came back? Or the ones that went up to placing the order in the cart, but never actually made the purchase? Christmas is the perfect excuse to reconnect and gain them back. What better way is there to tell them how much we value them than sending them a heartfelt Merry Christmas email, with all the exciting offers they are missing out on?

Make them an Offer they cannot Refuse

Every customer loves to hear the two magic words – free shipment. Research shows, and you will find too, that buyers buy more when shipping cost is waivered. So, this Christmas, gear up your sledge and go the extra mile by delivering at their doorsteps free of charge and create a loyal customer.

Save Yourself the Embarrassment of Stocking Out

Running out of stock will not only make you lose your customer for good, but will also generate negative word-of-mouth which can massively hurt your image. Keeping extra stock, especially of trendy products that are likely to have a high demand will not only save you from embarrassment, but also create a positive impression in the mind of your customers.

Extend Your Sale When Others Are Packing Up

What do people love more that discounts and offers? Discounts and offers that last longer. There will always be people looking for discounts when all offers have expired. Smart store owners extend their offers one or two days more than the competition to create more buzz. On top of that, this extension will create a buzz that will only help your marketing. Christmas is all about spreading happiness. And who is not in need of happiness during these morose times? So, get ready to be the Santa of your market and make customers happy, gaining their loyalty for years to come.

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