Photo editing logistics to ensure competitive edge of your product/brand

Photo Editing Logistics to Ensure Competitive Edge of Your Product/Brand

You are ready to sell your brand and invested on e-commerce platforms. And cool product images have been shot. Now to upload on your e-commerce site to showcase your product and win loyal customers! But wait… slight editing on the photos can enhance their quality and give your brand an edge over competitors.

What additional magic can photo editing apply to those images? The following points can give some ideas - and you may be convinced to take relevant assistance of professional photo editing services.

Change in Size/Resolution: Size/resolution is a crucial part in how eCommerce works. Images need to have proper resolution; they should neither be too big that it takes forever to load; nor too small; that it is not even visible to a potential buyer. The customer may lose his/her interest while the photo of the wonderful wedding attire is loading. Why put off potential buyers by thumbnail images of that brilliant dress? Professional image editors can achieve the right resolution which will show the product as it is and thus help buyers to get exact idea of your product. Also remember that different platforms often have specific image size requirements for their websites. For example, Amazon states maximum at 10 MB while it is 30 MB for Instagram. A skilled editor can advice further and prepare photos for various platforms you may utilize to showcase the items. Thus you will achieve photo versions compatible for multiple platforms - and surely you want to reach a greater number of people via various routes.

Zoom-in: At this day and age just one photo is the old school method you don't want to replicate. Most customers ideally will wish to view fine details of the product; hence you need to highlight it. A bag may have intricate embroidery which can attract buyers. Buyers just love to zoom in on the image - having this option shows you are confident in what you are selling. Technical experts know how to adapt images for web platforms - as the zoom option actually showcases the photo at its full size. There are image templates but the base image has to be larger to enable the zoom functions. Image retouching experts use zoom functionality to bring out the best in the product features.

Correct Shadowing: Right kind of shadows can create wonders and add that extra effect to product shots upon applying correct lighting. It is possible that the camera may not produce the required effect; and here photo retouching services come as a lifesaver. Editors can add proper shadows later on. These subtle, yet noticeable differences to bring in that attractiveness to product images to distinguish them from competitors.

Alignments: Consistency is a key aspect when it comes to alignment of images. Using same alignment for store images gives a consistency across all your images and entire site as well. And this consistency, improves the quality and the overall feel of your site. It creates a positive and reliable brand image.

Colors: You don't want to go wrong with colors. Pale or faded or even too bright colors can spoil product images. So to show your customers the finest details of the product they intend to buy, photo retouching services help you in correcting the color scheme and making it more balanced. This holds true for all kinds of products the e-commerce is trying to promote.

Backgrounds: Backgrounds are oftentimes never perfect. For most product images, a plain white background is considered to be ideal. It makes the product prominent, making it more appealing. Sometimes, you might find you have a great image but with a different background - you realise it is too late for arranging another shoot for a white template. That will also not be wallet-friendly for the business either. Therefore, with professional image retouching services, you can get the background changed into white and thus, giving your product the desired consistency and appeal. Or if you have a preferable background, that can be added in too!

Shot Angle: Displaying the images from various angles to give a better view to buyers; with image editing service, you can display the image for that view of it in different angles. You can tell your product story with this creative twist.

Additionally, SEO friendly photos: For your products to be prominent in search engine optimisation, there are some technical hacks. Therefore, a professional service can advice on the best way to add keywords, descriptions, size of image to enable your unique images come ahead of others in web searches.

Corrections: Image enhancement contain a wide range of corrections: removal of trivial details like creases, scratches, stains, color corrections, converting B&W to duotone/triton image. Skin and hair retouching brings in the glow on the photo. Object removal makes it cleaner. Wrinkles on fabric and bags under eyes may need to be removed. The lips and eyes of the model may be enhanced with shine. The dodge and burn tool can be applied to lighten or darken areas of the image. Remember that retouching done by someone less skilled can do more harm than good. If you lack the time or skill set to brush up your own images, consider hiring a post-production processing company for convenience.

Online buyers would not buy anything that is devoid charm. The images of the products that you want to sell should be appealing enough to make an impact on the minds of your potential customers. Now you know where to go…