Why you should hire an image processing company

Why You Should Hire an Image Processing Company

Let's say you are doing shopping for yourself. While choosing an item online on LetGo/Recycler.com - you see a blurry plus dimly lit photo and another which is clear and crisp. Which do you choose? You will probably avoid the dim picture and focus your energy on the better quality one. Perhaps subconsciously you relate subpar quality and unreliable source to the shoddy photo. Think for a minute - potential buyers on your e-commerce website have the same train of thought. Now you don't want to lose clients just because the site pictures barely give justice to the quality products you have for sale.

So, it is crucial to invest in post-production photo editing. It will definitely bring the edge to your e-commerce site - to attract the right buyers at the right time! There are credible professionals who can gladly retouch your photographs and design marketing materials for you. What kind of retouching is needed? Here are some examples:

  1. • Increase of contrast and visibility
  2. • Improvement of lighting
  3. • Adjusting of exposure and re-balancing color
  4. • Improvement of composition using manipulation
  5. • Cropping of unnecessary and unwanted detail

    Product with Model:
  1. • Removal of blemishes and dirt
  2. • Soften wrinkles on faces
  3. • Enhancing eyes, lips and other aspects
  4. • Removal of redness from eyes and teeth whitened
  5. • Removal of unwanted hair

    Product Only:
  1. • Removing Background
  2. • Proper alignment
  3. • Optimization of product by removing

If you are still wondering why you should invest in the services to outsource photo editing to a professional design team, read on…

Experience and expertise: you can rely on the attributes that graphic designers bring to the table - they have the relevant training and have developed their skills over years. They have a keen understanding of the aspects of photography and on a daily basis use the high-quality editing software. The best thing is, they are aware of how to use these two things to make your business competitive in the design sense. Trust their silent, aesthetic sense to understand the design need and to adequately produce professional-looking business materials that you want, even if you’re not sure you conveyed it precisely.

Time and money: Perhaps you can edit too and are proud of your skills. Various freely available image editing software available come close to matching the professional software used by designers. This is the age when anyone with a smart phone or desktop computer can simply add a predefined filter to a digital photo, adjust the amount of brightness and contrast, and immediately upload it to Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest. But there’s a huge difference between sharing personal photos enhanced for a social network and relying on the same methodology to promote your business. Some companies may lack the manpower and resources for the necessary editing. In that situation you have to invest time learning Photoshop and trying to figure out how to use multiple tools. Even when you somewhat learn how to edit a picture, your editing may take longer and not be as good as the output from a professional editor. Graphic designers know the most cost-effective ways to produce the high-quality photos. Time too, is a factor. Surely there are hundreds of things related to daily operations that already keep you busy as you run your business. Effective photo editing and retouching are time consuming. It could also be the case, that you do not enjoy the painstaking tasks of delicate editing. So why not save yourself from the activity you dislike - to make better use of your day!

Consistency: A designer will zero in on ensuring every pixel in every one of your images is perfect. Each enhanced image carries his/her brand. They ensure that your photos or branding materials look top notch. Quality design includes consistency and continuity. You can be rest assured that consistent lighting and color patterns will be applied in the right places and proportions. Say for example the natural light varies in the collection of your photos of the product. Perhaps they were photographed at different times of the day. The designer will adjust the light and color to maintain a consistent flavor of the photos in your website. They will apply aesthetics to images to enhance the branding communication of your business.

Surely you realize the importance of a quality product image to woo buyers and the time and effort that it requires. Like many other e-commerce companies, you too can choose to outsource photo editing responsibilities to a specialized entity, which has the required manpower and skills.