Importance of Creative Image Editing for Product Photos


An entrepreneur knows the importance of images in order to build a brand. It leads to better customer recollection of your business offerings and also makes sure they feel more confident to buy your product or service.

But how do we really get that customer engagement through image editing, you ask?

If you have read our blog Shop the look: When customers are buying more than your product, we talk about why images are becoming the centre of attention on social networks such as Instagram and Pinterest – photos are quickly becoming a universal marketing language. But there is a catch. Mediocre product photo editing indicates that your products or services lack quality.

Even the most talented photographers apply edits to their shots.

Virtually the most important part of capturing product photo is the work that happens AFTER they’re shot.


Though complex techniques and digital editing may require a software program, experience and training, you can execute simple photo-editing techniques fairly easily. Read our blog to know how.
watch editing in a software
Let’s assume you’ve done the following editing steps to your raw image:
  • Shoot your product in a photo studio
  • Uploaded your image to your computer
  • The image is loaded into your software program of choice
  • You’ve completed basic edits noise reduction, white balance, contrast, resizing and cropping etcetera.

Do you think just this is enough to for a product image to be advertised? Definitely Not!

So, after this you go on and process your images even more without having a basic idea of what your end product should look like or getting help of an ecommerce photo editing service provider. This is where most people make a common mistake – they keep adding chaos. Editing can either bring your vision to life or ruin your photos. But don’t feel too out of your comfort zone, because we’ve got you covered to avoid the following mistakes:

1. Noisy Backgrounds (Use background removal)

Try to keep everything in the image simple and clean so that your product stands out. Removing backgrounds is the best way to do add and remove different backgrounds as you deem fit. Keep in mind to focus directly onto the product without having any distractions.

2. Too much change in two images (Maintain product photo editing consistency)

When change occurs too often in your images, the lack of consistency can confuse your customer and discredit your products. The way you present your products strengthens your brand image, and the way they appear alongside each other maintaining consistency is key to building credibility of your online store. While image processing, you should aim for a standardized approach covering the first basics – image margin, sharpening, saturation and finally how you save for web size and quality. Then keep the background and theme of your product constant instead of changing it to a different background for each item.

3. Compulsive Cropping (Avoid various image margin for same set of products)

Showing multiple images varying in size and direction, for example horizontal or vertical and large or small, can be very confusing. Make sure your images are all of the same size and dimension. To make things easier you can create a template, according to your own guidelines, to ensure uniformity and consistency across images.

Even after figuring out these simple editing processes your images still need a that extra flare to really catch the attention of your customer. Here’s how!


People tend to be stuck on anything that is trendy? Catching one’s attention is not by building chaos but by simply showcasing something that matches the recent trends. This is where you add your end of creativity.

Be trendy

Consumers always tend seek time-saving shortcuts, and their attention is naturally pulled the quickest way to gather information. First step is to understanding what your consumers want from your brand. Next you have to do your research on how the trend will (effectively or adversely) affect your target audience. While various trends have an impact on the niche, only a few seem to be gaining the impulse.

Be simple

Simpler photos tend to be much clearer in sending their message. You may not want to make any excessive edits, but there are a few quick and minor improvements you can make to your product shots to boost them. High-contrast minimal design is the key to focus your customer’s attention on the product. In order to do that ensure that the background is clean and free of all distractions. Including negative space in your photos will create simple yet powerful composition.

Watch editing before after

Be unique

To function properly a company must develop its own identity. Add stylistic expression to your product photos. Try experiment with different configurations, use product photo editing service to get the professional help to perfectly portray your style authenticity.

Social media has become a new world for everyone. As a result, businesses must develop unique strategies for social media presence. You must edit your product images to achieve a positive ranking across all social media platforms. There is no doubt that image editing services are important to the e-commerce industry’s growth. As a result, product photo processing has become a part of every company’s operations. So, make changes to your product image to increase sales and traffic.

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